Mhysaa {/mee-sa}
A Swedish concept of contentment and coziness, often found in the comfort of one’s home or in the safety of a mother’s embrace.

Mhysaa focuses on bringing together traditional healing modalities, the pure natural ingredients and customer-centric innovation. We integrate the efficacy of essential oils and herbs with thermotherapeutic solutions to promote holistic wellness and natural relief essentials.
Mhysaa believes that wellness begins at home - incorporating grandma’s tried and tested remedies that are convenient and simple to use. Our Relief Essentials are soulfully created and have been perfected through the generations to promote rejuvenation, rebalancing and a holistic healing. Our products are hand crafted with the purest organic ingredients and provide relief from aches, congestion, cramps and fatigue.


Mhysaa is founded by two like minded sisters - Jayshree Agarwal and Nidhi Singhal.
They are passionate and committed to share this knowledge and expertise of promoting holistic healing through pure herbs and essential oils. They believe the age old formulas taught by their grandmas can alleviate the stress caused by the modern living patterns.

“I wanted to keep the ancient family traditions, of healing through herbs, alive in a new avatar. It was extremely gratifying and a perfect outlet for my creativity.

Thus Mhysaa was born."

“As a child, I always observed how our mother would repair us effortlessly with her secret recipes churned out of the kitchen shelves. Those recipes bring back fond memories even today.

Mhysaa for me is my mother’s embrace.”


Our vision Is to make Mhysaa a household name!

Mhysaa Cushies are created from the purest natural ingredients that are non-toxic. Luxurious lotus fabric and
organic cotton that are soft on the skin, are used for fillers and covers.

Mhysaa Cushies are reusable, plant based and not tested on animals.

Made in India
Mhysaa Cushies are created with ingredients from different parts of the country.
They are proudly Made in India.